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Newport Motors offers the best inventory of used Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs in Las Vegas. All our used Honda models pass our rigorous quality checks to ensure you get a reliable vehicle that delivers on value. Check out trade-in options, competitive financing rates, and our impressive selection of pre-owned Hondas at our used Honda dealership in Las Vegas today!

What Are the Most Popular Honda Cars?

With a reputation for comfort, great mileage, and affordability, these popular Honda car models are great options for drivers who need a safe and reliable ride:

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is your best bet if you’re looking for quality and performance in a mid-size sedan. The base model is packed with a powerful engine, excellent safety features, and interior amenities that ramp up comfort and convenience. The Accord also offers a spacious cabin, infotainment technology that comes standard and a stylish exterior.

Check out these different Honda Accord trim levels to see which option fits your budget:

  • Honda Accord LX
  • Honda Accord EX
  • Honda Accord Sport
  • Honda Accord EX-L Hybrid
  • Honda Accord Sport-L
  • Honda Accord Touring

Honda Civic

The Civic is Honda’s compact car model offering great fuel economy, a clean and sporty style, and advanced features that regularly outrank the competition. Known for its durability, easy handling, and 5-star safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Honda Civic has been a best-selling model for decades.

Here are different Honda Civic trim levels to explore:

  • Honda Civic EX
  • Honda Civic EX-L
  • Honda Civic LX
  • Honda Civic Sport
  • Honda Civic Sport Touring
  • Honda Civic Touring

What Are the Most Popular Honda Trucks?

Honda sells one truck model in the United States that rivals some of the more popular pickup truck brands on the market. See why the Honda Ridgeline may be a good choice for your next used Honda truck.

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a mid-size pickup truck that delivers a smooth, comfortable ride and surprising fuel efficiency. With the Ridgeline, you get all the towing power and functionality of a truck with the drivability of an SUV. Depending on the model’s year, trim levels include:

  • Honda Ridgeline Sport
  • Honda Ridgeline RTL
  • Honda Ridgeline RTL-E
  • Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

What Are the Most Popular Honda SUVs?

Used Honda SUVs are arguably the best pre-owned utility vehicles on the market. The brand’s most popular models include:

Honda HR-V

The sporty Honda HR-V is stylish, fun to drive, and easy on the budget. As the smallest SUV model sold by Honda, it’s a great option for those living active lifestyles who need an ultra-compact SUV. Trim levels with different technology and driver-assist features include:

  • Honda HR-V LX
  • Honda HR-V Sport
  • Honda HR-V EX-L

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V has been a staple in the SUV market for decades. Its sculpted exterior, bold headlights, and innovative features continue to make the CR-V a top seller for the Honda brand. Check out these popular trims:

  • Honda CR-V LX
  • Honda CR-V EX
  • Honda CR-V Sport Hybrid
  • Honda CR-V EX-L
  • Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid

Honda Passport

Honda’s newer SUV model, the Honda Passport, strikes an impressive balance between on-road drivability and off-road capabilities. A little bigger than the compact CR-V, the Passport has seating for up to five passengers and offers excellent safety features and driver-assist technology. Trims include:

  • Honda Passport EX-L
  • Honda Passport Elite
  • Honda Passport TrailSport

Honda Pilot

If you’re looking for a reliable mid-size SUV, the Honda Pilot has a spacious cabin with three rows that can comfortably seat up to eight people. This is the perfect SUV for growing families and drivers who need a little more cargo room. Here are the Honda Pilot trim levels available in used models:

  • Honda Pilot LX
  • Honda Pilot Sport
  • Honda Pilot EX-L
  • Honda Pilot Touring
  • Honda Pilot TrailSport
  • Honda Pilot Elite

Does Honda Offer Minivan Models?

The ultra-spacious Honda Odyssey is the brand’s only minivan model sold in the United States. However, it’s also one of the most popular minivan options, with unrivaled safety features, convenient technology, cabin versatility, performance, and handling. The Honda Odyssey is available in several trims, including:

  • Honda Odyssey LX
  • Honda Odyssey EX
  • Honda Odyssey EX-L
  • Honda Odyssey EX-L with Navi and Res
  • Honda Odyssey Touring
  • Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

Are Honda Cars Reliable?

Used Honda cars are the most reliable vehicles you can purchase. They consistently outrank other brands on the market. Honda prides itself on the longevity and proven safety of its cars.

Are Honda Trucks Reliable?

The Honda Ridgeline is an incredibly reliable truck, making some of the top lists for the most reliable vehicles on the road today.

Where Are Honda Cars Made?

Depending on the Honda car model, different components can be manufactured and assembled in American manufacturing plants or international facilities in Japan, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and other overseas locations. The Accord and Civic have parts made in Ohio and Indiana.

Where Are Honda Trucks Made?

According to the latest data, the Honda Ridgeline truck is made in Honda’s manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

Where Are Honda SUVs Made?

Honda’s SUV models, including the CR-V, Pilot, and Passport, have parts made in Honda’s Ohio and Alabama manufacturing plants. Other models and components are manufactured in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

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