How to Make Your Car Last Longer

May 26th, 2020 by

Looks can be deceiving, especially if your car looks beautiful on the outside. That does not mean your car is beautiful on the inside as well. In this blog we will be discussing the keys to making your car last longer is by regularly maintaining the car and making sure it is in good health. This does not only include regular services, but instead developing habits that will save you money, time, and unwanted issues in the long run.

First Step

The first step is by far the most important and it is to have inspections every so often depending on your schedule (we recommend every 3-4 months). Inspections should include both the exterior and interior of your car. This could include checking fluids such as water, oil, brake fluid, and coolant either from every week to up to every 3 months. You need to keep a regular check on these fluids for an uninterrupted performance of your car. If the fluids run extremely low, it can cause major problems although it doesn’t sound that way. You should also be checking your tires for air pressure and tread wear. Under inflated tires can lead to a blown-out tire. It can be very dangerous if the tire gets blown out while you are driving because they adversely affect the vehicle’s handling. The chances of a tire blowout increase during hot weather as the under-inflated tire meets the hot road. Develop the habit of checking the battery for any leakage or mineral build up. This will help you save unwanted battery issues in unwanted situations.

Second Step

The following step is to make it a habit of washing and waxing your car regularly to keep up the external health of the paint job. This helps keep the exterior clean and look beautiful. It also helps to keep the paint and coating in good condition. You can either get your car washed and waxed at a service station or you can even do it yourself. Before taking the do-it-yourself route make sure that you know everything about washing and waxing the car yourself; this ranges from implementing the right methods to choosing the right products. You also need to clean the interior regularly: vacuum and sponge the interior every time you wash your car. Dirt particles are abrasive, and spilled liquids, such as soda, can be corrosive to the interior material. Condition your seats with a leather conditioner too. Regularly cleaning and conditioning will keep the interior new for a longer period and will save you from early replacements of seat covers, etc.

Third Step

Another very important aspect in a car is the gas that you choose to fill up and make it run. Buying gas from a reputable gas station will largely affect how your car runs and how long it will run. Reputable gas might be a bit more expensive but is worth it because you would fill gas less frequently and keep your car in good health. Buying cheap gas will give you less mileage and will affect the way a car runs. Make the right choices and research on what certain gas companies use in their gas formula.

Fourth Step

The next step is an obvious but very important step to making your car last longer. Reckless driving can cause more wear in a shorter period of time, or worse cause permanent damage. Driving fast also doesn’t save you any fuel and is more expensive. Developing a steady pace will help the health of your car and slow down the process of wear and tear. Drive smarter, not harder.

Using these smart tips will help maintain and increase the longevity of your beloved car. Taking more time out regularly will ultimately save you stress, money, and time. Develop these easy habits and maintain the health of your car. You just need to develop a maintenance mentality first.

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